Since 1957, Limsakdakul Agricultural Industrial co., Ltd. is operating in manufacturing and trading of agriculture products with 2 principles segment; Beans and Grains and animal feed. We are global trading of grains & pulses products for food ingredient industry. We are one of the main beans & grains providers in Thailand with global value chain throughout continents. View more

Growing together.

We strive to continue growing with our customers and suppliers. We build and keep value relationship with our business partners for long-term mutually beneficial relationship.


We maintains close relationship with our suppliers, thus many raw material sources came from local producers, that make us costing competitive, then combine with our highly efficient production machine to maximize production capacity and reduce waste, we deliver high quality agriculture products with competitive price.

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We are specialize in exporting edible beans and grains by keep close and trusting relationship with our suppliers throughout supplies chains.

Our processing machines are high standard and current technologies to produce best quality products, and we are taking care of each step of processing to ensure that we produces high quality products that match customer’s requirement.

We have very good processing facility to produces high quality products in large volume order that we can manage in flexible time schedule. We keep our inventory in silos total capacity of 10,000 MTS and warehouses to preserve beans and grains in good condition.